Zoom—The White Dolphin

(Adventure comedy, 104×12 min.) Yann, a diving-mad teenager, and Marina, his adorable sister, live with their uncle, an oceanographer, on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. When Yann meets Zoom, a mysterious and remarkably intelligent white dolphin, an indestructible friendship begins. Always ready to help out those he loves and protect the weak, Zoom takes Yann on a series of exciting adventures.

Target Demo: 4-10

Distributor: ZDF Enterprises

Pitch Perfect:Zoom—The White Dolphin, now in its second season, is a proven hit in Europe with outstanding ratings. The eco-friendly series is about every child’s dream: having a dolphin as a best friend! The young viewers plunge into an amazing natural world in this series full of comedy and danger, where adventure awaits at the tip of your diving fins.” —Peter Lang, VP ZDFE.junior

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