(Comedy adventure, 45×11 min.) The Harbor district is a bustling port full of cosmopolitan flair. But its dank alleyways are not always safe for the area’s rodent residents. Hunted by cats and exterminators, driven from their homes by construction and stomping humans; every day is dangerous. But the flame of hope still burns thanks to our courageous protectors—The Muscleteers!

Target Demo: 6-plus

Distributor: ZDF Enterprises

Pitch Perfect: “Swashbuckling mouse Ernie, poetic hamster Bertram, hypochondriac house mouse Picandou and resourceful lab rat Josephine—together, they are The Muscleteers! In action-filled tales of intrigue and hilarity, these daring rodents band together to help those who cannot help themselves. One for all and all for one!” —Peter Lang, VP ZDFE.junior

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