The Optimists: Caribbean Season

(8×52 min.) The Cuban Missile Crisis is in full swing. USSR–United States relations are at their tensest. During his mission in New York, spy star Dmitry Nesterov falls in love with an American woman named Alex Bradly. But their passionate love affair is to be disrupted: Nesterov is urgently sent back to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. Accompanied by young diplomats, coincidentally, he ends up in the thick of things because of the ballistic missile deployment in Cuba.

Pitch Perfect: “A passionate love story unfolding during the 1960s world political crisis. Viewers will witness masterful diplomacy, adventurism, and romance taking place while a nuclear war is threatening the world. It is a refined detective story that always resonates with the audience. The series is not limited to one genre only: it is a perfect combination of a love line, spy drama, action, and light notes of humor. The Optimists is a real high-end film inspired by real historical events.” —Julia Matyash, Sovtelexport

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