(8×60 min.) The life of the most controversial and mysterious Russian ruler, Ivan IV, is light and darkness. Torn between mercy and cruelty, the deeply religious tsar considered himself an awful sinner. Despite being an incredibly educated and literary gifted person, a reformer and a creator, he was a cruel tyrant. The greatest statesman went through glorious victories and bitter defeats. He was blessed with big love, which he eventually lost in the darkness of plots and intrigues. This tragedy changed him, and Ivan IV morphed into infamous Ivan the Terrible, brutal and ruthless.

Pitch Perfect: “The real story of great love and relentless brutality of the first Russian Tsar, Ivan IV. A brilliant cast, hundreds of extras, over a thousand costumes and 400 elaborate prosthetic makeup designs will take the viewer right to the 16th century—the time of important historical changes and people’s emotional drama. The program corresponds to the signature style of Russia Television and Radio’s catalog. Our international partners look forward to see this type of content from us every year.” —Julia Matyash, Director, Sovtelexport

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