(Game show, 40 min. eps.) Split Screen is a quiz show in which, for each question, two images are displayed side by side on a giant LED screen. Both images represent a number (age, height, length, etc.) and it’s up to a duo of contestants to give an answer anywhere in between these two numbers. Each duo starts with €25,000 in their prize pot. If they give a correct answer, the amount remains intact, but a wrong answer will cost them money. As long as a duo still has money in their pot, they continue to play. At the tenth and final question, they need to give three answers, this time based on four images. The duo now has a chance to quadruple the money they’ve accumulated, but they can also lose it all.

Distributor: WeMake

Perfect Pitch: “After a strong debut in the Netherlands, Split Screen aims to conquer new territories. With its unique gaming mechanic and appealing set design, this format is perfect for networks in need of an innovative and easy-to-produce game show.” —Bouchra Rejani, CEO

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