(Reality competition, 60-120 min. eps.) Ten people will move in together in a big loft for seven mind-blowing days. They come from all over the country, and they are of all ages. They look like random people except—they are not! They are the family members or best friends of ten very famous celebrities who will guide them throughout the experience through an earpiece, in the challenges but also in their daily lives. The goal of the contestants: preventing the other contestants from discovering the secret celebrities hidden behind them, despite the clues that will be revealed episode after episode. Which celebrity will remain secret till the very end?

Distributor: WeMake

Perfect Pitch:Secret Celebrity twists the reality competition formula by adding a new mystery vibe to it. With a strong play-along, it is perfect for young adults and families as they will try to guess who the hidden celebrities are. Already sold in six territories, Secret Celebrities represents the next generation of reality competition.” —Bouchra Rejani, CEO

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