(Animation, 52×13 min.) Pettson is an old man who lives on a farm way up North and cares for his lively and imaginative cat Findus. Findus constantly wants to discover and experience new and exciting things, such as fishing, outdoor camping or treasure hunting. Since Findus has never done these things before, Pettson is always by his side and takes good care of him. He also uses these adventures to test some of his newest inventions. Unfortunately, these inventions do not always work the way they should.

Target Demo: Preschool 3-6

Distributor: ZDF Studios

Pitch Perfect: “ZDF Studios is showcasing a strong variety of preschool shows. Pettson and Findus tells captivating stories of the inventive farmer Pettson and his loyal but impudent cat Findus.” —Arne Lohmann, VP Junior

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