(Tween/teen live-action, S4: 13×26 min.) Caro is in her final year. Vince wants to study in England, but Caro doesn’t see a long-distance relationship. DeeDee is ill and deteriorates fast. Caro realizes that she is the only one who can bring her calm. Now, she must make a heartbreaking choice. Peter meets a new flame, Suzanne. Caro is afraid that her mother will be forgotten. When Caro sees Suzanne’s warm personality, she gives her approval. Yemi makes a bucket list to have the best year, Camille is back from Japan, and Emma and Scott are finding each other more and more.

Distributor: ZDF Studios

Pitch Perfect: “#LikeMe is a musical series that shows youngsters the lives of other youngsters in a unique and contemporary way—by using witty dialogue, familiar situations, pressing issues, strong characters and, of course, powerful music! Besides its entertainment content, this series also has room for the educational aspects that give youngsters and their families food for self-reflection and dialogue.” —Marei Bruckmann, Director Junior

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