(Drama/romance) Timo is in his late twenties and is a father of three children. A former football star, he has failed in his career due to problems with alcohol and numerous escapades. His ex-wife Nicki lives with his ex-manager, and she is fighting to gain the sole custody of her and Timo’s three children. This is a catastrophe for Timo, who is blossoming as a dad. Now, he must prove that he has his life under control again.

Pitch Perfect: “A light family drama with a modern approach to the topics of changing social roles, women’s empowerment and men claiming their roles as fathers. Romantic elements and an attractive young cast (Tim Oliver Schultz, Zoe Moore) add to the movie’s international appeal and success.” —Carlos Hertel, Director, International Sales, Bavaria Media International

Key Cast: Tim Oliver Schultz, Zoe Moore, Yasemin Cetinkaya, Peter Lohmeyer

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