Lothar—Wake Me Up, When I’m Dead

(Dramedy) Blind to the dear life he has, grumpy and full of blame, Lothar cannot get out of his own way. Life hits him hard on the head as he is diagnosed with a quick and fatal cancer. He gets his affairs in order, meets one last time with his estranged daughter, sells his company, finds a home for his dog and only friend—leaving the shelter everything in his will—and checks in to a hospice only to find out he was misdiagnosed! He now returns with empty hands to reboot a life where he’s neither needed nor wanted. For the first time, he must rely on others. Even though pushing others away was his forte, an honest relationship he developed in hospice might have helped.

Pitch Perfect: “Everyone can identify with lost opportunity, lost love and a life lost. Lothar tragically manages all three. And starts again. Lothar’s portrayal touches on stubbornness, love, death and rebirth thanks to the humanity around us. Classic themes and extremely modern execution. Sensitively played and choreographed in contemporary interior design settings. Co-starring acting veteran Corinna Harfouch (The Downfall, Fackju Goethe, Germany 89).” —Carlos Hertel, Director, International Sales, Bavaria Media International

Key Cast: Jens Harzer, Corinna Harfouch

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