Girls Win

(Sports drama, 12×48 min.) A former Division II girls’ high school basketball team is tested to their physical and emotional limits after joining Division I for the very first time.

Production Company: Magichour Film

Represented By: Hakka TV—Creating a TV channel for the Hakka people of Taiwan to express their various points of view and show others Hakka traditions and culture was an important undertaking, and the positive and heartwarming results are already on air. Founded in July 2003, the Hakka TV network in Taiwan is the voice of the Hakka people in Taiwan and overseas as well. The programs offered for broadcast let Hakka and non-Hakka viewers better appreciate and understand our culture. Among the shows we produce are dramas, programs for children and teenagers, lifestyle features, music shows and news and interview programs.

Sales Contact: Wen-yuan Hsieh

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