50/50 Heroes (2021)

(Adventure/comedy, 52×11 min.) The series follows the adventures of Mo and Sam, half-brother and sister, aged 11 and 9. One day they find out that they have inherited some powers from their great-great-great-grandma who had a fling with a superhero many moons ago. But, as half-siblings, they must share these powers down the middle.

Target Demo: 6-10

Distributor: Cyber Group Studios

Pitch Perfect:50/50 Heroes is a standout series that breaks conventions—from its unlikely superheroes to their unexpected and usually hilarious adventures. This is a completely original show that turns the serious superhero genre on its head, presenting a pair of half-siblings who must work together to realize their powers and solve totally relatable, everyday challenges that don’t always go as planned, but are always funny and underscore the benefits of cooperation, friendship and importance of family.” —Raphaelle Mathieu, SVP, Sales, Acquisitions & New Media

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