(Period, 4×52 min.) How did Voltaire become who he was? An advocate of freedom of speech and religion, his writings shaped the course of the French Revolution. The series combines action and historical drama to explore the early life and evolution of the philosopher and visionary Voltaire, one of the world’s greatest thinkers and visionaries still relevant today. Commissioned by France Télévisions, the series is produced by Siècle Productions, in co-production with Umédia, Wallimage, RTBF and Pictanovo.

Pitch Perfect: “This ambitious historical drama captures the turbulent life of one of the world’s greatest philosophers. Voltaire’s romantic liaisons and the issues he had with his father are part of the story. His commitment against religious fanaticism, the misuse of justice and politics and his imprisonment, are all covered in this powerful and dynamic miniseries.” —Mirela Nastase, ZDF Enterprises

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