Virage (Veer)

(Drama, 8×60 min.) Frédérique, a triple Olympic medalist in short-track speed skating, retires and decides, in the same breath, to leave her fiancé, with whom she had planned the perfect post-career life. Faced with this existential void, she must learn to live her life without performing. The fall will be brutal.

Distributor: KO Distribution

Pitch Perfect: “Inspired by the life of Marianne Saint-Gelais (short track speed skater/triple Olympic medalist), Virage/Veer sheds light on our society, which prizes achievement at any cost. It tackles the void that professional athletes struggle with when they end their careers. An international subject matter presented in a dramatic eight-part series.” —Barbara Vallant, Head, Formats, Sales & Acquisitions, aroma-TV

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