(Adventure) The storyline follows two friends in 1976 who travel from West Nigeria to the north in search of higher salaries. They get better jobs immediately in a leather factory. One friend works hard for his money. The other jumps into a love affair with his gangster boss’s young and attractive wife. The boss is controlling and finds out about the affair. This sets up a suspenseful situation for both friends.

Key Cast: Stan Nze, Adebayo Salami, Kunle Coker, Maryam Booth

Distributor: Cinevest Interactive

Pitch Perfect: Underbelly is an outstanding, cinematically stunning action/drama set in 1976 West Africa from producer Tunde Aina and director Toka McBaror. They portray the dynamic characters with their flaws and strengths in this cinematic gem.” —Arthur Schweitzer, President & CEO

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