Tom’s Tiny Toys

(Upper preschool, 52×11 min.) Tom is a thoughtful and kind 6-year-old boy whose life was turned upside down the day he found a box of five tiny robot toys left for him in the attic by his grandfather. But these toys are not regular toys, they are alive and ready for some fun! Now, Tom has five tiny best friends that live in his room and go everywhere with him hidden in his backpack. Together, they head out every day to face the challenges of being a kid.

Distributor: Syon Media

Pitch Perfect: “His toys are alive—and his life is about to get crazy! Imagine if toys were more than just toys. Imagine if they could walk, talk and do anything you asked them to. For one 6-year-old boy, his toys can do that and much, much more.” —Danny Bergeron, President & Producer

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