The Parker Andersons/Amelia Parker

(Comedy/drama, 20×30 min.) The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker are two interconnected sitcoms, following the comedic everyday of a diverse, newly blended family. It’s one story world from two perspectives, and often like real life, this family learns that their differences end up being exactly what they need to create a happy new life together. Half the episodes are told from the family perspective and half are told from the POV of tween daughter Amelia.

Target Demo: Tween+/family

Distributor: Distribution360

Pitch Perfect: “The structure of two series combined as one with two distinct POVs from this blended family makes The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker truly unique, and it offers an original scripted programming option for international channels and platforms targeting older kids and their families. The series is filled with heart and a real authenticity that both entertains and invites conversation, giving it a strong four quadrant co-view appeal.” —Diane Rankin, SVP, Rights & Executive Producer

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