Teodore Without the H (Teodore pas de H)

(Comedy, 12×6-8 min.) Teodore, a thirty-something ADHD guy, decides to finally get his high school diploma from a multiethnic adult school. Stuck with the strangest visions in his mind, Teo works his way through this ordeal supported by his uninhibited mother, his generous Egyptian roommate and his lovely resource teacher Agate, who will turn out to have generalized anxiety disorder. Will he get more from this journey than a diploma?

Producer: Zone3

Pitch Perfect: “The program is about overcoming our fears, anxieties and mental blockings. Through the use of comedy, the show gives a privileged access inside the brains of people living with anxiety and ADHD and hopes to help them deal with their angst with more humor, levity and positivity, and present solutions to these overwhelming feelings. The series won two Gémeaux Awards, was selected at Canneseries and was nominated for Best Comedy Series at the London Short Series Festival.” —Mélanie Ratté, Senior Director, International Distribution & Business Development

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