Tavern by the Lethe

(Comedy/Taiwanese opera/fantasy, 30×45 min.) Residents of the Underworld who refuse to drink Bing-po’s special soup to erase all their memories in preparation for reincarnation are sent to Bing-po’s Tavern, where its staff must fulfill their wishes in seven days or they will become red spider lilies by the River Lethe.

Production Company/Represented By: Wutong Culture Business—”Paying back to the society with Taiwanese opera culture” was the original intention of Wutong Cultural Enterprise when the company was first established. The company has integrated Oriental Taiwanese opera and Western symphonies to establish with much success a new cultural index in opera culture. Through its distribution and production, the unique “Taiwan characteristic” can be seen internationally. All efforts were made to achieve the company’s self-expectation—being with the audience, walking with the times and striving for excellence, so that the artistic treasure of traditional opera can be deeply rooted in Taiwan and bloom on the international stage.

Sales Contact: Shih-Cheng Yang