Super Taste—Go Go! Two-Day Trip

(Ent./food, 59×60 min.) This show arranges two-day trips to explore travel destinations and the best food around popular accommodations in Taiwan. The production team paid extra attention to photography by including drone shots, so that the audience can feel as shocked and moved by the natural splendor as the hosts do!

Production Company/Represented By: TVBS Media—TVBS is Taiwan’s leading media brand. Embracing truth, trust and technology as core values, TVBS is dedicated to delivering news with a global perspective, and sharing inspirational stories through in-depth interviews. The TVBS content portfolio also includes large-scale entertainment programs and original drama series. To evolve as a multidimensional business, TVBS spearheads an innovative strategy in IP ecosystem: grow a wide range of IP to advance content production and artist management, and develop its own brand products via distribution through self-built e-commerce platforms. Not limited to being a truth advocate, TVBS aims to spread broader influence and care for the audience’s health and life.

Sales Contact: Wei-Lung Liu

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