(Reality game show, 2×60 min. pilot) Ten participants are summoned to a mysterious, deadly mansion. They must uncover a special hidden death rule by finding clues and completing challenges. They have 24 hours to “stay alive” by not following the fresh rules presented every four hours. Oh, and when they unconsciously follow the hidden death rule, they will be eliminated. So, watch out!

Distributor: Something Special

Pitch Perfect: “This mystery-solving reality game show has one simple rule: ‘Never follow the hidden rule.’ The show evokes a range of emotions, including anticipation and apprehension toward what is yet to be revealed. In a way, this cryptic show offers a similar sense as if you’re solving a riddle while watching a game show. Viewers engaged in finding the clues will provide a unique and thrilling experience. Optioned in Italy with a full season commission in discussion for Korea.” —Praise ChanMi Shin, VP & Head, Sales & Licensing

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