(Reality game show, 8×60 min.) Get ready for an exciting game show where contestants battle it out to secure space in two rooms separated by a moving wall!  Don’t miss the action and the thrill of competition! When one team’s space expands, the opponent’s space shrinks. It is a game show where two groups compete to win a larger space and more prizes.

Distributor: Something Special

Pitch Perfect: “This particular show is widely sought after and is one of the most popular formats we currently represent. Since the news broke in September about UKTV’s commissioning order, which features beloved comic Jimmy Carr, everyone has been eagerly waiting to see it. The show is simple and entertaining, appealing to audiences of all ages. Even if you tune in halfway through, you’ll instantly know who’s winning or losing thanks to the centerpiece of the show—a moving wall. Optioned in Germany, with more to come.” —Praise ChanMi Shin, VP & Head, Sales & Licensing

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