Stella Blómkvist

(Crime drama, S1: 6×45 min./3×90 min., S2 coming soon) Stella Blómkvist is a quick-witted lawyer with a dark past, a fluid sexuality and a taste for whiskey and easy money. Smart and ruthless, she takes on cases that always lead to danger; and the only thing she likes about rules is breaking them, or using them to break her opponents.

Distributor: Red Arrow Studios International

Pitch Perfect:Stella Blómkvist is a critically acclaimed, commercially successful Icelandic crime drama featuring Poldark star Heida Reed as a witty, intelligent, fierce lawyer. Filmed in a gritty, seductive neo-noir style, season one is still the highest-rated show on commissioning broadcaster Siminn, and we’re looking forward to season two delivering this fall!” —Tim Gerhartz, President & Managing Director

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