(CGI eco-tainment, 52×11 min.) Each episode leads kids on an eco-adventure. Whether in the sea or on shore, the positive SeaBelievers characters, with their distinct seaweed hair, seashell nose, sea-colored eyes and webbed hands and feet, problem-solve and take action around key environmental issues. Each SeaBeliever is fueled by their self-belief!

Pitch Perfect:SeaBelievers is targeted at preschoolers and is an outstanding TV series—the first ever to represent a whole new genre of eco-tainment. This genre, created by Brien Arone, founder and SeaEO of SeaBelievers, combines the benefit of edutainment for children being informative and realistic about real-life issues affecting our ocean and encouraging kids to make a difference—because they can! And all of this in a fun and entertaining way as the show emanates as a stunning and engaging musical eco-adventure with original tunes to sing and dance along to.” —Dorian Bühr, Head, Global Distribution

Distributor: Studio 100 Media

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