Rafadan: Gobeklitepe

(Animation/kids adventure) The adventures of the Rafadan Tayfa team, full of mysteries, in Gobeklitepe. The eyes of the world are on Gobeklitepe. The excavations carried out here had great repercussions. Just when Gobeklitepe is the center of attention, Akın receives a mysterious package from his Sanliurfa friend Veysi—a copper tray. After receiving the package, Veysi reaches Akın in a panic and tells him that he is after him. Seeing the tray, the Rafadan Tayfa team soon realizes that it is about Gobeklitepe and embark on an adventurous journey to Sanliurfa to find both the tray and Veysi.

Pitch Perfect: “An animation that has become a blockbuster in its category. It is a very valuable production in terms of promoting the oldest civilization included in the World Heritage list. The characters are very natural and lively.” —Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director, MISTCO

Voice Cast: Şirin Giobbi, Levent Kol, Yağmur Sergen, Emine Sergen, Hakan Coşar, among others.

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