(CGI, 52×11 min.) Inspired by bedtime stories about a magical mole told by the show’s creator to his daughters, the series captures the excitement of mission-based adventures, discovery, silliness and humor that children across the world love. And wraps it in the warmth and comfort of family life. Featuring an all-star cast, it’s perfect family viewing.

Distributor: Jetpack Distribution

Pitch Perfect:Moley is a heartwarming, beautifully constructed CGI animation ideal for family viewing. The storylines and characters are universally appealing for kids across the globe. The U.K. series features an all-star cast, which further adds to its high-quality appeal. Moley has been produced with incredible attention to detail and has the hallmarks of a timeless and perennially popular children’s TV series.” —Sophie ‘Kido’ Prigent, Global Sales Director, France, LatAm, Asia, Canada, Israel, Portugal

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