(Natural history, 3×60 min.) Each story reveals a new piece of the ecological puzzle that keeps us all alive. How do the plants and animals of the deserts survive? How can an apex predator change the shape and size of sand dunes? Alongside a diverse cast of naturalists, scientists and First Nations peoples, we will combine new science with millennia-old knowledge to explore the fundamentals of ecology in a poetic journey that reveals the interconnectedness of every living thing on earth.

Distributor: Rive Gauche

Pitch Perfect: “Using gyro-stabilized 8K aerials, 6K drone photography, high-speed Phantom photography, timelapse, macro and elegant graphics, we will reveal the inner workings of these ecosystems in breathtaking detail—from the individual hairs on the back of a jumping spider to the wingbeats of a dragonfly as it plucks a mayfly from above the water.” —Marine Ksadzhikyan, COO & EVP, Sales

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