(Doc., 13×60 min.) Humans have chosen to build cities and towns across the globe, picking the most majestic spots on the planet to claim as ours. However, this feeling of security often becomes a thin veil of reassurance that is shredded to ribbons when disaster hits! Mother Earth can strike with ferocious results. Her arsenal is stocked with weather, wildlife and geological events. But being human means we are slow to learn and often forget that old adage history repeats. And that is what Disaster Déjà Vu is all about; those regions around the world that went through hell on earth not once but twice!

Distributor: Rive Gauche

Pitch Perfect: “Using cutting-edge GFX, original film footage and photos, along with sound design, we will take the viewer right inside each of these disasters and how they transformed the cities which bore the brunt of the devastation.” —Marine Ksadzhikyan, COO & EVP, Sales

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