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(Comedy, 6×30 min.) Follows Jon Dore (How To Live With Your Parents, How I Met Your Mother, The Jon Dore Show) as a retired comedian turned HR manager for the comedy business.

Distributor: Just for Laughs Distribution/Juste Pour Rire Distribution

Pitch Perfect: “In this hilarious miniseries commissioned by CBC, Jon meets with comedians to evaluate and consult on the appropriateness of their material and overall ‘workplace’ behavior. Starring Sarah Silverman (A Speck of Dust, Battle of Sexes, There’s Something About Mary), Ronny Chieng (Crazy Rich Asians, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah), Tom Green (Road Trip, Charlie’s Angels), Eric Andre (The Lion King, Bad Trip) and more.” —Fred Joubaud, Director, Content & Strategic Partnerships

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