Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars

(Fact.-ent., 8×60 min.) Presented by world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay, this business competition follows his search for the most exciting and innovative food and drink entrepreneurs. The competing entrepreneurs have big ambitions for their unique food ideas, but who will have the raw ingredients to succeed, survive and win a life-changing investment? Commissioned by FOX in the U.S. and also available as a format.

Distributor: All3Media International

Pitch Perfect: “Studio Ramsay’s action-packed, hugely entertaining new competition series is must-see viewing for Gordon’s international fanbase. Competitors are faced with extensive, extreme culinary and physical challenges, from cliff jumping and delivering hot meals at 1,000 ft. in the air to foraging to create a feast as they set out to win a life-changing investment for their food and drink businesses.” —Rachel Job, SVP, Non-Scripted Content

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