(Ent./reality, 60 min. eps.) The ultimate game of deception, skill and trust. In an atmospheric castle, a group of eager contestants come together. Their mission? Completing a series of challenges with the objective of earning a cash prize. The catch? Some of the contestants are chosen to be traitors and will devise a plan to steal the prize instead of sharing it among the rest. In this nail-biting psychological adventure in which treachery and deceit are the names of the game, will they be unmasked in time?

Distributor: All3Media International

Pitch Perfect: “An unstoppable global phenomenon, The Traitors is fantastic, intelligent reality TV with 20 local versions now commissioned worldwide. The Traitors is a highly adaptable format of psychological gameplay that creates incredibly tense, must-watch moments for global audiences, making it as compelling as the most addictive dramas on our TV screens.” —Nick Smith, EVP, Formats

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