(Drama, 8×52 min.) Late 1920s. Solovki. The ancient monastery, lingonberry woods, picturesque lakes and freezing cold, hunger, pain and sufferings of people in the Solovetsky concentration camp. A passionate love story between a prisoner, Artyom, and a Cheka officer, Galina, unfolds in a place where everybody is striving to survive at any cost. Their love is hopeless, dangerous and doomed to be tragic.

Distributor: Russia Television and Radio/Sovtelexport

Pitch Perfect:Cloister is a film version of the novel written by modern Russian author Zakhar Prilepin. It tells a passionate story of love between a camp prisoner and a Cheka officer, unfolding in the background of horrors of the Solovetsky special purpose camp in post-Civil War Russia. Their love is doomed to be tragic. The plot of this emotional eight-episode drama is based on a true story.” —Julia Matyash, Director, Sovtelexport

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