Best Mistake & Book U Love

Best Mistake (High-teen romance, 15×10 min./16×15 min.) An ordinary high school girl posts a random boy’s photo as her boyfriend to get rid of a stalker. He happens to be a school bully, whom she needs to run errands for. Through a whirlwind of incidents, the seemingly mismatched pair fall in love with each other.

Book U Love (Fact-ent., 8×60 min./12×60 min.) Four hosts dig into the celebrity guest’s bookshelf and talk about relevant life stories while also collecting donated books from the celebrity, employees of local companies and through social media. They deliver these books via a “Book Truck” to set up a “My Local Library” in a marginalized area.

Distributor: Something Special

Contact: Jin Woo Hwang, President & Executive Producer; InSoon Kim, EVP, Head, Content; Christine Kim, VP, Head, Sales & Licensing; Haesun Park, Senior Producer;

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