Mouse & Youn Stay

Mouse (Thriller, 20×70 min.) A psychopath’s ruthless serial murders have left the entire nation gripped with fear and chaos. An honest and justice-seeking rookie police officer and a veteran detective with a tragic past face off against the killer. After the encounter with the psychopath, their lives totally change.

Youn Stay (Reality, 12×105 min.) A group of celebrities will run a guest house in a traditional Korean house. They welcome foreign guests who have lived in Korea for less than a year but haven’t had much opportunity to explore the local culture and food due to Covid-19. Foreigners can feel the local mood and experience Korean culture by staying in a hanok overnight.

Distributor: CJ ENM

Contact: Jangho Seo, SVP, Global Content Business; Sebastian Kim, General Manager, International Sales & Acquisitions; Diane Min, Head of Format Sales; Albert Park, Sales Manager, Format Sales.

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