(Wildlife/nature, 10×50 min.) Enjoy a new perspective of the African continent, taking viewers on a spectacular aerial adventure, soaring over natural wonders and diverse habitats! From the air, we gain fresh insight into the wild animals and their sometimes inhospitable surroundings, from mountains and jungles to vast desert dunes. But we also celebrate the people who live and work in various countries, from vibrant cities to deep in the African bush.

Distributor: ZDF Studios

Pitch Perfect: “Each episode takes viewers on a spectacular aerial adventure. We uncover how both humans and animals live in some of the most extreme environments on Earth. We fly with expert conservationists, adventurers and extreme athletes, landing to explore the most spectacular points of interest along the way. An uplifting and visually captivating series that shows the remarkable diversity of the continent.” —Ralf Rückauer, VP Unscripted

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