(History/bio., 6×50 min.) In January 1942, U-boat attacks endanger Britain’s supply lines, and it may lose the war. Churchill orders the Royal Navy to determine why the Nazis are winning the Atlantic war. War Gamers reveals the untold fascinating story of the Wrens, a dedicated group of young women who unpick the German strategy and help defeat a massive convoy of German U-boats in WWII.

Distributor: ZDF Studios

Pitch Perfect: “History provides a never-ending supply of intriguing stories. War Gamers celebrates the extraordinary skill and genius of the women recruited by the British Royal Navy, who played a crucial role in ending Hitler’s dominance in the Atlantic. Produced by World Media Rights for Curiosity Stream in association with ZDF Studios and History, the series premiered on the flagship SVOD Curiosity Stream.” —Ralf Rückauer, VP Unscripted

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