(History/bio., 6×50 min.) World War II. Nazi Germany’s U-boats bring Britain to the brink of starvation by sinking their merchant ships in the North Atlantic. The U-boats’ tactics are a closely guarded secret, and the Royal Navy struggles to defeat them. But there’s one problem: no male officers are available to join a war gaming school. They are all at sea.

Distributor: ZDF Studios

Pitch Perfect: “When a dedicated team is needed to unpick the German U-boat strategy and work out how to defeat the opposing force, Royal Navy officer Captain Roberts, undaunted, recruits a team of women—all members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRENS). None of them has ever been to sea. Together these WRENS unpick the German strategy, and they even devise tactics to defeat them.” —Ralf Rückauer, VP Unscripted

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