(Ent., 180/60/30 min. eps.) Showcasing top international stars, Wanna Bet? is a bubbly mix of talk, game and variety elements held together by a charismatic host who serves as master of ceremonies, cheerleader and umpire. The actual game-show format is simple: individuals or groups claim they can perform a difficult task, such as a stunt, a memory feat or any other trick. The guest celebrities bet that the contestants can or cannot carry off the proposed trick. It is then performed live on the spot.

Distributor: ZDF Studios

Pitch Perfect: “In this show, nothing is pre-recorded or edited. If the celebrities lose their bet, they must complete a task of their own, most often an entertaining charitable gesture. Airing since 1981, Wanna Bet? is the absolute top entertainment show in the German-speaking territories and a hit around the world.” —Ralf Rückauer, VP Unscripted

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