(Drama) Tells the story of three siblings: Mahir, Umut and Umay, whose springs of life were taken from them. Who is bad, who is real, who is fake? In such a mixed-up world, three siblings came together for a common purpose: to find out that they didn’t have the bond they thought they had. On the other hand, Güneş, Güven and Mete are the siblings, each of whom believed that their father’s approval and comfortable lives were more important than each other. Umut, as he is taking revenge on this family he hates, goes through his biggest conflict thanks to Güneş, the girl he believes to be the love of his life. Güneş doesn’t know the real identity and purpose of Umut, whom she knows as a dirty lawyer Çınar Yılmaz. She will entrust her future, and that of her family, to this man she falls in love with.

Distributor: Inter Medya

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