(Drama) Marashli is an ex-soldier who has left the special forces to open up a second-hand bookstore and spend more time with his sick daughter, Zelis. His life changes when the beautiful Mahur Turel walks into his bookstore. Mahur’s life is saved by Marashli that day when she accidentally gets herself into trouble. From now on, the destiny of the two characters will be interwoven irrevocably. Mahur is the precious daughter of Aziz Turel, one of the most powerful businessmen in Turkey. She gets into trouble because of a photo she takes that day that puts her life in constant danger. But her fearless persona is almost impossible to contain…at least by anyone other than Marashli, who is now employed as Mahur’s bodyguard. Mahur is a workaholic who has withdrawn from life after the untimely death of her mother. She watches the videos her late mother recorded for her to fill the emotional void in her life. The veil of mystery behind her family liaisons starts to unfold around the same time Marashli is hired to be her bodyguard. She will start to discover the real and dark intentions of the ones who are closest to her. On this journey, Marashli will become her closest ally, the person whom she trusts the most, and her lover. That is until she finds out who Marashli is.

Pitch Perfect:The Trusted contains all kinds of elements of popular Turkish dramas including family, love, excitement and has high production values. Along with its great cast, The Trusted attracted viewers since its first episode, and we are sure that we will be hearing about its global success very soon as well.” —Can Okan, Inter Medya

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