(Preschool, 52×11 min.) A warm, upbeat show about an adventurous 5-year-old cat called Milo who loves to use role-play to explore the wide world of jobs and vocations. Milo lives with his parents, who own a dry-cleaning shop called Scrubby’s with a friendly mechanical robot called Suds. Each episode, Milo and his best friends, Lofty and Lark, interact with Suds to try on different outfits and the trio are then transported to the world of that specific vocation to learn all about it in a fun and entertaining way. Every vocation is celebrated and shown in a positive light. In fact, Milo discovers that every vocation is amazing, giving a positive message to kids that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up.

Distributor: Planeta Junior

Pitch Perfect: The show’s family dynamic opens the door for situational comedy in Milo’s home. Plus, a wide cast of strong, archetypal characters—in the form of Scrubby’s customers—provide a platform for funny and good-humored dialogue. Very much like current times, Milo’s harmonious world celebrates delivery workers as much as explorers, doctors, nurses, farmers and astronauts.

The writing team is led by award-winning authors like Sam Barlow (Bob the Builder, Ella Bella Bingo), Sean Carson (Clause, Ella Bella Bingo), Chris Parker (Bob the Builder: Mega Machines, Hollyoaks, EastEnders), Lisa Akhurst (PJ Masks, Luo Bao Bei, OOglies, Wildwoods) and Liam Farrell (Go Jetters, The Numtums, Nella the Princess Knight).

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