(2D mystery/adventure comedy, 13×11 min.) Joy, a 16-year-old girl, tries to take down the murderous mega-corporation H&H. She fails twice, resulting in her parents’ deaths and her own. She is offered a place in an afterlife paradise but feels unworthy and turns it down. She then learns that H&H also exists in the afterlife, so she teams up with geeky security intern Oogle to destroy the company once and for all. Along the way, Joy discovers that she can levitate if she suppresses her emotions (which is great because she blames her emotional discipline for previous failures anyway), but she suppresses too much and loses her humanity. She eventually learns that she must allow herself to feel in order to use her power to its fullest potential, which she will need as the villains become even more powerful.

Distributor: Pink Parrot Media

Pitch Perfect: Joy Eternal is an incredible story that grabs you from minute one, and you will want to binge-watch. Mystery and adventure are accompanied by tons of verbal and kinetic humor with a simply spectacular look. It is a unique series.” —Begoña Esteban, Head, International Sales & Acquisitions

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