(Fact-ent., 4×60 min.) A heartwarming and educational series following the pregnancy, birth and first steps of broods of baby animals. Set in vet practices across the U.K., Fur Babies uses a state-of-the-art rig to capture all the important moments in pet pregnancy, from initial ultrasounds and pregnancy checks through to the nail-biting labors, complications and the final heartwarming moments when the young pets are rehomed and meet their new forever families.

Distributor: All3Media International

Pitch Perfect: “Puppies, kittens, chicks and guinea pigs are the focus of Wonderhood’s charming and moving series that provides a unique look at pet pregnancy and the early days of these baby animals. Always warm and uplifting, often dramatic and emotional, this new series is filled with fascinating science and emotional stories which brings the wonderful world of pet pregnancies to life.” —Rachel Job, SVP, Non-Scripted

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