(Thriller, 45×45 min.) Orphan Alexa Salvacion grew up on the streets with one thing in mind: uncovering the truth behind her mother’s disappearance. She has always believed that her mother’s employers, the powerful Fiero family, were responsible for her vanishing. Together with others seeking revenge on the Fieros, Alexa infiltrates their lives by working as a maid in their mansion. However, her desire for revenge is challenged when she discovers secrets within the family. As Alexa develops deeper connections with two members of the Fiero family, her plans are jeopardized.

Distributor: ABS-CBN Corporation

Pitch Perfect: “We’re excited to bring such a daring drama to mainstream television in the Philippines. The story tackles poverty and inequality and does not shy away from portraying horrific acts that the powerful and wealthy feel privileged to carry out against ordinary people. There is a great divide in today’s society as we know it; people on the sidelines cannot wait to have the tables turned. We’re very proud to tell this story together with such fantastic actors, including the first Filipino Volpi Cup winner, John Arcilla, and Golden Globe and BAFTA nominee Dolly de Leon.” —Pia Bacungan-Laurel, Department Head, International Sales & Distribution

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