Throughout the summer, Gece makes plans to go to college and play music with her boyfriend Emir in Istanbul. However, all her dreams are postponed when her family makes the sudden decision to leave the city and move to Foça due to the special condition of Gece’s sister, Gülce. Gülce suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and struggles with the crowd and the wild nature of Istanbul. In Foça, Gece meets Özgür, who is a handsome instructor at the surf club where Gülce is enrolled. He has devoted his life to his brother Rüzgar, who also suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, which was triggered after losing his parents in a brutal fire accident. As Gece and Özgür grow closer, Gece learns to perceive life from a more mature perspective, while Özgür realizes that life is too short and should not be postponed. Emir’s unexpected arrival in Foça triggers new obstacles in Gece’s life. Will Gece dare to pursue true love?

Channel: Kanal D Drama, represented by THEMA America

Contacts: Alejandra González, Sales Manager, THEMA America; Francheska M Leon de la Barra, VP, Marketing, THEMA America; Carlos Fernández, CEO, THEMA America.

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