(Thriller, 8×60 min.) Set in Australia’s North Queensland, Black Snow centers on the murder of 17-year-old Isabel Baker in 1995. The case was never solved, but decades later, a time capsule reopens the police investigation, casting suspicion across the whole town and fracturing the harmony that has taken 25 years to rebuild. The mystery unravels through two separate timelines: Isabel’s life in the 1990s and the investigation by Detective James Cormack in the present day.

Distributor: All3Media International

Pitch Perfect: “A compelling crime drama and coming-of-age series from Goalpost Pictures that champions unique, distinct voices from the local South Sea Islander community and features outstanding performances from Travis Fimmel and newcomers Talijah Blackman-Corowa and Jemmason Power.” —David Swetman, SVP, Content & Commercial Strategy

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