(Singing game show, prime-time) Combines singing talent format and game show elements. Each week, ten contestants take part in the show with a jury of two celebrity singers. The audience will watch nine duet performances.

Distributor: Global Agency

Pitch Perfect: “Ten cabinets in different neon colors are positioned in the studio, and the contestants are inside the cabinets. Before the start, contestants of the week will be introduced to the jury and the audience by VTR. They will sing 10 seconds of a song a capella. This will give an idea to the jury about that week’s contestants, but it’s a total surprise who is in which cabinet. The contestants have no idea when they will be on the stage, with whom they will do the duet and which song they will be performing. For every song, the jury will choose two contestants who will battle each other. After each performance, the audience will decide who has to leave the show, return to his cabinet and continue in the game. At the end of the performance, whoever wins will provide one point for that jury. That jury member will have the priority to open the cabinet first for the next duel, which is a big advantage. So it’s a memory and tactic game for jury members. The week’s winner will go to the grand finale, which will be on the 11th week. The second and third runners-up will come to next week directly. So every week, two contestants will be back from the previous week, and eight new singers are introduced.” —Izzet Pinto, Founder & CEO

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